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While shooting ABRAZO DE LA SERPIENTE in the Amazon (Mitu, Colombia) I spoke four languages, maintained character focus, and was prepared. PREPARED with the tools that you will learn in this inspirational and powerful environment. 

“When I got to the top of the mountain… I took a breath and wondered how in the world did I get here…then I realized that I had visualized it years ago.”

Brionne Davis

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The key to discovering your character is to know yourself first. Inside all of us is each of us. In this on-going introspective journey, actor/director, Brionne Davis teaches you how to unite yourself with a character. He will enable you to stretch beyond your self-imposed limitations and gain the skills to elevate your confidence in both auditions and on set. Brionne’s inspiring process utilizes techniques and lessons influenced by such great teachers as Uta Hagen, Stanislavski, Chekhov, and Sanford Meisner. In addition to understanding the process of breaking down a character in any script, you will leave the class not only inspired on a personal level but with elevated confidence and an increased appreciation for the work.

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Andrea Flowers (Actress/ Singer)

“Brionne not only sharpens actor’s skills, but has a remarkable way of teasing out the inner soul of the actor, and therefore the character. A true mentor.”
-Andrea Flowers

Alex Kyle Young

 After studying under Brionne, I had the confidence to start my own production company and produce my first film! I studied under Brionne for two years and saw tremendous growth.  My skill-sets as an artist, my leadership qualities, and my confidence as an actor and as an individual grew through Brionne’s coaching and mentorship.  Brionne has a great talent for seeing walls that are holding you back, even when you may not see them yourself.  I had multiple breakthroughs in his class and I highly recommend any actor at any skill-set looking into his coaching.

Alex Kyle Young (Actor/ Producer)

Barbara Niven (Actress, Marketing Coach)

“Brionne is always thinking out of the box. His talent is as huge as his heart, Actors get so much out of working with him.”

Maggie LeeMan (Actress)

“I love Brionne’s freedom and his sense of truth. I left my coaching with him with the absolute certainty that I was going to book the job. He asked me questions about the character, but, also had the ability to guide me into tapping into the character’s inner truth. He didn’t tell me, we discovered it together. It was incredible and inspiring, I trust him.”

Sean Serino (Actress, Writer)

“Brionne has a natural gift for cutting right to the heart of a character and an almost clairvoyant grasp of how an actor lives through them. I’ve had the great fortune of being directed for the stage and coached for auditions by Brionne. He has always brought me to a far deeper understanding of the roles I play and of the human condition as a whole.”


“Brionne Davis is an actor’s director. He creates an environment that begs for the imagination and heart of a performer to come play. Brionne tells a story from all angles with honesty and grace, courage and humility. He makes me want to be a better artist.”

Gemma Sykes (actress)

“Brionne Davis is one of the most authentic and inspiring acting teachers I have had the honor of working with. His talent,knowledge and passion combined with his supportive nature allowed me to really challenge myself in class, push my self as an actor and feel safe in the process. Brionne is one of the most genuine people I have ever met and his dedication to his students and developing their craft is phenomenal!! I can not wait to get back to LA and into his class again … he is by far one of the best acting teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Private Coaching

Brionne Davis and Troy Metcalf offer private coaching for actors and consultation for directors.

Private coaching for auditions and roles that you have booked.


Taking On The Audition Process Or Booked The Role And You Want To Deliver?

We’ll help you “BOOK THE ROOM”, step out of your comfort zone, and make an impact in the audition room and on set. I will give you the tools neccessary to build your self-confidence, and grab hold of ANY character that you want to create.

$125 per session. (time variable based on role and complexity, discount offered to (Currnetly enrolled studio students)

Package deals are occassionally offered.


Booked the Role?

Our team will  work with you during the pre-prodcution stage and on going sessions throughout the project.

$400 per project that you book. . (This price is subject to change based on the time commitment of each project).

Wither myself or a memeber of our team will take you on the journey of uniting yourself with your character. I will take you through all the steps of discovering and becoming your character (creating your character bio, behavior, choices, commitment, motivation, confindence on set, etc.. ). After working with  myself or a member our coachng team you will be more  confident and courageous utilizing your natural instincts to TAKE RISKS. You’ll win over the director and audiences by offering options and being flexible to the director’s vision. You’ll be able to live under any circumstance with as the character.


Working with actors can be tough. Imagining your production can be tougher. Whether it be film or theatre we offer a sliding scale based on your budget and assist you through a step by step process on how to communicate and work with actors, staging, and brainstorm the essential elements of creating your personal vision. Reach out to our studio to have a free consultation and let us know how we can help make your vision come to life.  

Price based on a sliding scale and staff availibilty.

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